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LCCMS: Highly Trusted Sponsor

1.       We are delighted to inform you that London College of Computing and Management Sciences has been awarded Tier 4 Highly Trusted Sponsor Status (HTS) by the UKBA.


Your choice of pursuing education is a very important one. Every single College and University has its own teaching style and special character; that’s why you need to identify and be sure what institution is best for you to attend.

Those who wish to study with us will discover the experience of an attractive and internationally recognized College, whose students and staff are recruited from throughout UK and world-wide. LCCMS is “Highly Trusted” rated by the UKBA, and accredited by ASIC (Accreditation Service for International Colleges) - which is a government appointed regulatory body that rigorously assesses an institution’s ability to recruit bona fide students and maintain systems and procedures that comply with UKBA regulations.

 The college offers strong progression in all main subject areas, enabling us to offer a wide range of programmes taught by excellent qualified staff. Computer facilities are excellent and student support services are at the same standard, due to our dedicated staff.

I believe London is a great city in which to study and live- an opinion shared by so many old students and new ones who decide to join us every year and quickly embrace the culture, the environment and the student opportunities on offer…

                                                        ...and you could be part of it.

 I wish you success in your application and in your further studies.     



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